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Video Games on Popular culture

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about video games. Everyone is fond of videogames. It might not be their passion, but they are somehow interested into video games. Ever since the introduction of videogames icon the world of pop culture, it has been one of the leading icons in the entertainment business. It has revolutionized digital entertainment. From elderly people to young kids everyone seems to be attracted to videogames. The evolution of video games started from mid 1980 and ever since the very perspective of people regarding digital entertainment has changed.

Everything starts with theories and later it takes it’s evolved from. Same goes with videogames. Videogames were also started with their own theories and with the help of these theories various popular video game titles were released. Video games follow theories of heroism and theories of survival. “If we look back into the history of videogames”, even the earliest hit titles like The Super Mario Bros. (1985) and The Pac-Man (1979) seems to follow the theory of heroism and survival. Now, talking about Super Mario Bros. the main character sets out on a journey to save Princess Peach from the evil clutches of Bowser (a turtle like villain). The Pac- Man is totally survival game. He has to devour all the dots and bonus fruits inside the maze but has to survive form many ghost and goblins or he will be devoured instantly. One of the most interesting finding from my analysis is to see the development of theories of videogames through out the history of videogames. Similarly, holding these theories of videogames, many well renowned videogames titles have been released resulting videogame industry. Therefore, it has been one of the most revenue earning industry in the global market. The other fascinating finding from my analysis is that videogames helps gamers to relive their fantasy of being a hero. Everyone dreams of being    hero and videogames made it all possible through the adventure made by character of videogames.

However, pop culture topic of video games is totally different from other pop culture topics because it makes people relive their fantasy as being a hero. Even though the perilous journey is completed using joystick/controller but the excitement received form adventure is priceless. It is cause of these exciting feelings that draw hundreds of new gamers into the world of videogames. I started playing videogames when I was 8, and I am still playing it. I love the emotion of saving the world from evil force. I love the excitement of surviving from the assault of monsters. “On top of that” I love the feeling of being a hero. And I am not the only one who feels this way because there are millions who feels the same way as I do.


A Similar formula in video games: “Tips and Tricks”

The only one work that hits our mind when we hear about formula is mathematics. To me formula are some set of guide lines or rules which, when followed correctly results in completion of any common task? Ray b. Browne has compared formula to be like a road map providing guide lines regarding where one wants to go and which road to use in making a journey (2005). Every little task done regularly has their definite formulas involved like when doing assignments, operating computer or laptops and even during exercise. Video games have their proven formulas involved.

Hence, video game has its own definite story line led by a sole protagonist or a group of heroes. Such as the main character n video games always had one similar formula either to save love one from villains or to save the world from demonic forces.  Similarly, these tips and tricks formulas had been involved in video games i.e. Mario games series from Nintendo. This is a classic series released worldwide under the title Donkey Kong (Arcade, 1981). Later it gained its popularity from the Super Mario Bros title (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985) in the succeeding year. This popular” video game” series has taken its step into various cartoon series while having its native title developed.

A formula is the very foundation of completion of any work. It can be seen observed in every step of our day to day life. This remarkable formula is passed down to us from the generation divided from which we come from. Some formulas stayed the same and some got developed over the years. As mentioned earlier, formulas are involved in every action that we perform “every day”, and this is what makes the way of our life.


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‘‘Who Watches the Watchmen?’’:

Ideology and ‘‘Real World’’ Superheroes

This article “who watches the watchmen?” Has just changed the very perspective of the way we feel superheroes. We have always pictured superheroes to be perfect beings, gifted with extraordinary capabilities and always fighting evil to make everyday a peaceful day for normal humans to live in this tough world. Superheroes are just super beings totally free from every tie that control every city people. None of the superhero has any connection with politics, racism or religion. They have never caught any criminal in the name of any political parties neither got hold of any criminal group in terms of race nor have fought evil in the name of gods. They have done what must have been done, and it seems like there is no end to their selfless service.

However, all these super heroes don’t have any strings that are attached to real world? The worlds of super heroes don’t have any political issues or any social ties that make them work as per the rule of the state. It’s just not a real world that we are living. This article depicts the life of those super heroes who have to follow every law and order enforced by state and have to live accordingly.

The whole article revolves round only one word, and that’s Ideology. Every people living in a society have his own ideology. And when it means every people, it means their own personal ideology that makes millions and millions of ideology of their own. All people are driven by their own ideology. And the same thing applies for superheroes. Even super heroes have their own ideology to follow, their own ideology to embrace. This article depicts the real portrait of superheroes living with their own ideology. The very crime fighting group of super heroes well-known by the name of Watchmen became super heroes not because of their own responsibilities, but for some mundane reasons-money, power, fame and to promote their own ideology.

Every single character was devoted with their own personal reason in being a super hero rather than following their own heroic codes. Initially the very first groups of watchmen were known by the name of Minutemen. Every active member of Minutemen has ideal reason in becoming a super hero. Sally Jupiter; the first female superhero became crime fighting figure known as Silk Spectre in hopes of advancing her modeling career. She even persuaded Laurie Juspeczyk into the same name and profession of being a superhero. Dollar Bill gained his fame by working as “an in-house super hero by one of the major national banks.” Hollis Mason known by the name of Nite Owl had a desire to correct the “ethical revulsion’. Dan Dreiberg and ornithologist took over his name and lives as the new Nite Owl under Watchmen. Captain Metropolis a former marine lieutenant and later known as The Comedian became a super hero by his desire to enforce the law. Hooded Justice came into hero business in expression of “approval for the activities of Hitler’s Third Reich.” Mothman was motivated to become a superhero cause of socialist ideologies. Silhouette was an openly lesbian who was compelled to join the Minutemen cause of cultural ideologies. Rorschach followed the path of being a super hero out of guilt of his misbegotten upbringing and horrible events that he has lived. Adrian Veidt also known as Ozymandias has his own ideology to live with and wanted the world to be a perfect place for human civilization to exist. Finally, Dr. Manhattan originally called by the name of Jon Osterman was the only hero having serious superpowers, yet still there were more issues that he has to tackle to live as a superhero.

The article “who watches the watchmen?” Just sets the reader to think about what would happen to super heroes if they are tied by the strings of politics, religion and most importantly Ideology? It was Captain Metropolis also known as The Comedian who tried to bring the group of super heroes together under the name of “The Crime buster” and eventually heroes understood the very truth of co-existence that different people with different principles and ideology can never stay together and finally they started working in pairs or individual. It was The Comedian who has viewed the world and the ties that bring it in a coherent manner. His only ideology was to enforce laws and order to this cruel world. He has even understood the world is cruel, not because of unbalanced system that runs the world. It is because of many people with their desire to follow their own principle and ideology. Comedian knew that many people starts from the right path but without knowing where they have come they are already on the path beyond law and order.

More than ideology and principles Rorschach is driven by guilt, Guilt of seeing how pathetic humans have become, Guilt of seeing his own misbegotten upbringing. He just wanted to have that guilt erased. Every day he doesn’t face fear; he faces his own guilt in the eyes of criminals. On the other hand, Ozymandias has his own goals and beliefs. He always believed that it was his responsibility to save humanity from itself. And he played every super hero as the piece of chess in fulfilling his goal. He undoubtedly knew that the world itself is built of hatred; hatred to see each other living in this same globe.  He states “I was unable to unite the world by conquest… Alexander method…I would trick it; frighten it towards salvation with history’s greatest practical joke” (Moore and Gibbons Xi, 24). He frightened the world in the name of “alien life from” created by writers, artist, and media personnel and was transported to New York City with the help of Dr. Manhattan. His creation was relatively proved unstable. It was dropped right in the middle of New York instantly killing nearly 3 million of people. Ultimately making all the countries turn their nuclear weapons toward sky rather than targeting each other.  He feels that,” he is not out to conquer the world but rather to save it from itself.”

Dr. Manhattan always felt that other people seem to make all the moves for him.” His career was pushed to him by his father. Even after resembling his own particles of his body in reactor his complete actions were guided. He believed that people around him don’t know what he needed. If he is to have a symbol it shall be one he respected and then he carved the symbol of hydrogen on his forehead and cast his ties aside with the ones controlling him, he wears nothing at all symbolizing he has removed himself from the old state that controlled him.

When it comes to agreeing or disagreeing about the main theme of the article, first of all one must be clear about living without ideology and principles. Can anyone be a hero by bending the rules enforced by the state? Can anyone act selflessly? Within my reach, the answer is No. From the true core law is supreme of them all, and it acts upon everyone whether he is the one controlling the whole system of governing a country or it is waiter handling orders at restaurants. Laws and orders are for super heroes as well, and when they can’t act as per the rules of the state then the difficulty arises around every aspect of them working as a super hero. Their ideology also does make the difference. It’s their guiding principles that symbolize what kind of super hero they are, and how are they going to exist in this complex world of ours. Everyday people struggle to live one another peaceful day but the tie of the world just doesn’t make it easier. Therefore, they rely on their own principles to plan another day that suits them well. And same goes for super heroes as well when a particular day didn’t really work out as they have planned then they wait for another day which is sure to be in their favor.

From the beginning, this article depicts its importance. It shows us what is a real world? What kinds of people are living in this real world? It shows the life of a super hero who has to live within laws of the state with holding their ideology. It shows how much a super hero has to struggle if they live by the rules, walk with politics and fight crime as per their own personal ideology. It just shows the complete altered world of super heroes from golden and silver age. Even super heroes have a problem living within the society; the question is how much public have to compromise with everything in their daily life?

On the contrary, it shows that every one has his own choices to make. A choice that is to make with free will and it is up to them whether they are ready to accept the consequences. Even super heroes have their own choice; they lived with the consequences and perished after their age ran out. When super heroes living as local people can make their better choices, then why can’t we make a perfect choice that drives our lives ahead? These views just make this article to be important in every ways.


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Heroes and Celebrities in video game

Heroes and celebrities, they have been iconic resemblance to every person living within every society. When someone hears anything about hero, naturally brain starts explaining that a hero is someone who is well praised for his virtues and perilous feats. Celebrities are real life popular entities of society, famous to all and loved by many. “Heroes are created by and used to fill the needs of people and their societies” (Browne 2005). A hero is somehow a fictional character, whom every one looks up to, who is bestowed with perilous feats to overcome, save what everyone hold dear and receive great admiration for his virtuous acts. Celebrities are real persons. Popularity is their second name. They come from various forms like musicians, actors, writers, athletes who are loved for what they do and what they are good at. They are the dream of every normal people living. Everyone fantasize about being a celebrity. In the world of video games heroes and celebrities are the very foundation of beginning of one big story.

In naming various celebrities in world of video games, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno are two well known video game characters from Onimusha 3 Demon Siege released on Play Station 2 platforms by Cap com. In these game well acclaimed movie celebrities Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno are two protagonist one from past and another from present, both fighting hard to save humanity form evil clutches of Genma lord. Many popular video games have followed this same trend of presenting celebrities as heroes in video games and this is yielding better results. This is what brings fans from other factions to video game faction. Those who are not interested and not aware about video games might get attracted to video games to live the adventure lead by their favorite celebrities.

Looking at present scenario video games are one of the most integrated part of popular culture. The history of video games goes way back to early 40s and still it looks more influential to every youth. Stereotypes claiming video games are only for young are proven wrong because nowadays even adults are widely indulged in video games. Video games let you enjoy everyday fantasy that we have dreamed of. It lets us enjoy the glory of being a hero, even if it means controlling the main hero while playing. People just want to have their fantasy to be answered and video games make it all come true. Thus, the introduction of celebrities in video games has made many gamers happy because they get to relive the adventures in which their favorite celebrities are presented as heroes in video games.


Browne, R. B. (2005). Profiles of popular culture. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press

Living within one big society brings us to confront many theories; either to warn us about being who we are or what basically we enjoy doing? Since I am huge fan of video games and have been playing it for years, even I have confronted various people who had stereotypes beliefs regarding playing video games and being a gamer. These stereotypes stats that gamers tends to have one track mind, thinking only about video games and same video games tend to lead gamers to monotonous side which makes them socially inadequate people having no any social bond with outer world rather than gaming. It was my father who introduced me to the world of video games since I was 8 yrs. He beliefs that video game is an easy way of learning and its true for me,  I came to learned how  game developers make the animation, special effect,  environment, and  connects within video games.

These theories are commonly heard in every society. Parents rather want their kids to go out in the sun rather to see them sit in front of TV sets, holding Joystick (controller) of PS3 or Xbox 360. Sports and outing is necessary for kids. On the other hand there is a common stereotypes argument that video game has leads children dumb, fat and violence

As stated by Professor Premuzic “are computer games making children stupid”? He has mentioned that computer games are making today children lazy, dumb, violence, and turning them into criminal characters. Besides the author argued that they are also benefiting of gaming, such video gaming has made children easy to involve with advance technology. Their intelligence question  (I.Q) has been increasing significantly than those who don’t play video games.

However, playing video games has its own benefits. Video games have introduced me with many friends through online gaming as well as gamers living within my society. I haven’t seen myself being monotonous or deprived from society, instead I am meeting new people day by day and I am happy with it. I get to enjoy games interacts with many buddies hanging out with other gamers. Its fun and most of all its something I love doing.

The way I see it I think those stereotypic theories somehow applies to me. It’s like I love playing game on the same manner I love interacting with other gamers too. I get to meet new people in every game session. There are times when I face with rude ones as well as one having foul mouths, but it didn’t even matter to me because the second I don’t like them they got deleted right away securing my own dignity in gaming world. Hence same theories go with others players too.


Premuzic, C., T.” Are Computer Games Making Children Stupid?” Retrieved June 2, 2012, from

 Going through different pages regarding theories about video game, many people comment video games to be harmful for the growing age besides some of the pages have supported video games as one relevant factor regarding contemporary audience

Some authors have claimed that video games have led to an epidemic of youth violence.

As stated by David Games are used to train soldiers to kill. They have the same impact on kids who play them. On the other hand same have praised video games as portal for gamers to socialize.(Jenkins).

However video games also  help in tangential learning. Many researcher has agreed that video game has increase intelligence question(I.Q) those who play video games rather the person who don’t prefer to play it. Even the global economics have praised video games industry,” in June 2011, the global video game market was valued $65 billion”(Davidson). It has even supported movies sector as well as soundtrack field. Overall these theories have per-defined the pros and cons of video game. Because of these theories even now the contemporary audience of video gaming pop culture is increasing insight.

From the beginning, I have been lover of video games and still I am praising it for its creation. if there wasn’t a video game how would I have known much about the vast world of video games, the entertainment we are showered with and the social networking areas of video games. Video games have been one of the integrated parts of me. E.g. there are many icons related to video games. Still I am encouraging anyone to step to the world of video games.


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The three contemporary icons I prefer are Bruce lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Guns N roses. All these icons are popular on their respective fields i.e  Bruce lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger is icon for  movie star, likewise Gun and N roses are icon for Hard rock, and  Rock N Roll bands.

Bruce Lee

The first icon I choose is Bruce lee because it reflects good memories with my friends and brothers watching his very first movie on TV sets. Since Bruce lee was the first person who introduces mixed martial arts. Many people called him little dragon because of his martial arts skills.  Now, all around the world people practices mixed martial arts because of his dedication, influence and Passion towards martial arts. Likewise, he was also the first Asian actor who got entry into Hollywood and later followed by Jackie Chan, and Jet-Li.

To me Bruce lee is one of the greatest mixed martial fighters of all time; he has left his most precious gift martial arts to his beloved follower. I myself also one of his follower. I have been practicing martial arts till now; it is not my interest or love for martial arts. It is because I have been watching his entire martial arts skill on movies ( i.e fist of fury, enter the dragon and game of death) since my childhood. HEY-AHA!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Secondly,  icon I choose is Arnold Schwarzenegger because he has been my best charismatic actor ever. Taking about him he was the person with multiple talents such as an actor, bodybuilder, businessmen, politician, and investor. Moreover he was 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

To me Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best and influencing actors in Hollywood. He possesses qualities like leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills such skill leads him to be Governor of California and movie star in the world. The movie I enjoy the most is terminator, Conan the barbarian, and 6th day.

Gun and Roses

Last, icon I choose is Band Gun and Roses. Gun and roses is the American popular hard rock bands. Due to their reputation and controversial have made them best Rock and roll bands ever. They have succeeded to sell their million of albums all around the world. They are the one who have influence many rock singer in different aspect, even Nepal.

To me Gun and roses are the first rock band that motivates me to sing like Axl rose and play lead guitar like Slash. Comparing to other bands, these band has unique music compose; these are the bands they will never upset audience. Hence, Gun and roses is my best rock band ever. Even though they are old, their songs still works charm on me. I have been listening their song since age 15. My favorite tracks are Sweet child O Mine, knocking on heavens Door, and November Rain.


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Popular Culture Blog dLama

In simple words Pop culture is cultural activities or commercial products reflecting suited to or aimed at the taste of great masses of people. As stated by Browne

“Popular culture is the system of attitudes, behaviors patterns, beliefs, customs and taste that define the people of any society.”

However, to me pop culture is the life style and taste of majority, easily adapted, accepted and is dynamic in nature. This is just the meaning of pop culture but as far as I have understood it’s the culture what everyone follows and are proud of it. It’s something that spreads beyond one’s boundaries and seems to bring many more towards it. It’s something that makes an individual to have their own definite personality. Lets take I phone, one who carries it, he’s one cool sophisticated dude and he won his personality by following very pop culture of I phone.

Business and future careers both depends upon how much I have understood my past and how well I achieve in my present. If I have to pursue my business career following a pop culture then I have to learn its past. Until and unless I understand its past how come I would know its present status and plan accordingly for the following years to come.

Everybody follows pop culture and the shopkeeper living right next door keeps saying that whatever the mass is loving and following that and there is business. Pop culture just keeps opening new doors to have a definite successful business and when my times comes to have a business of mime I am diving right into the sea of pop culture and I will find out pearl of opportunity(I.e. my business).

Since my childhood video games has been a passion more than a hobby or favorite time pass alternative. I have seen many video game consoles come and gone by. During my childhood age almost everyone are into it. At those years many were passionate about video games and I was one of them. Even now my friends, my colleagues are very fond of it. Yeah! Some are busy with their part-time job, some are busy eyeing out for answers in thick books and some are busy with their girlfriends but when it comes for video games they just forget their world and dive right into the very wonderful world of video games. One who is skilled and can beat any one is well-respected and I feel proud to be respected by my friends because there is no any way they can dodge my LEI’s flying round house kick (LEI, a character of the popular video game named TEKKEN). So that they keep losing and I keep winning. Even my little nephew keeps hitting goal after goal in our football match inside our television set and I am very happy about it because it is not only I who has accepted video games, there are many out there who are like me.


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