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 Going through different pages regarding theories about video game, many people comment video games to be harmful for the growing age besides some of the pages have supported video games as one relevant factor regarding contemporary audience

Some authors have claimed that video games have led to an epidemic of youth violence.

As stated by David Games are used to train soldiers to kill. They have the same impact on kids who play them. On the other hand same have praised video games as portal for gamers to socialize.(Jenkins).

However video games also  help in tangential learning. Many researcher has agreed that video game has increase intelligence question(I.Q) those who play video games rather the person who don’t prefer to play it. Even the global economics have praised video games industry,” in June 2011, the global video game market was valued $65 billion”(Davidson). It has even supported movies sector as well as soundtrack field. Overall these theories have per-defined the pros and cons of video game. Because of these theories even now the contemporary audience of video gaming pop culture is increasing insight.

From the beginning, I have been lover of video games and still I am praising it for its creation. if there wasn’t a video game how would I have known much about the vast world of video games, the entertainment we are showered with and the social networking areas of video games. Video games have been one of the integrated parts of me. E.g. there are many icons related to video games. Still I am encouraging anyone to step to the world of video games.


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The three contemporary icons I prefer are Bruce lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Guns N roses. All these icons are popular on their respective fields i.e  Bruce lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger is icon for  movie star, likewise Gun and N roses are icon for Hard rock, and  Rock N Roll bands.

Bruce Lee

The first icon I choose is Bruce lee because it reflects good memories with my friends and brothers watching his very first movie on TV sets. Since Bruce lee was the first person who introduces mixed martial arts. Many people called him little dragon because of his martial arts skills.  Now, all around the world people practices mixed martial arts because of his dedication, influence and Passion towards martial arts. Likewise, he was also the first Asian actor who got entry into Hollywood and later followed by Jackie Chan, and Jet-Li.

To me Bruce lee is one of the greatest mixed martial fighters of all time; he has left his most precious gift martial arts to his beloved follower. I myself also one of his follower. I have been practicing martial arts till now; it is not my interest or love for martial arts. It is because I have been watching his entire martial arts skill on movies ( i.e fist of fury, enter the dragon and game of death) since my childhood. HEY-AHA!!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Secondly,  icon I choose is Arnold Schwarzenegger because he has been my best charismatic actor ever. Taking about him he was the person with multiple talents such as an actor, bodybuilder, businessmen, politician, and investor. Moreover he was 38th Governor of California from 2003 until 2011.

To me Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best and influencing actors in Hollywood. He possesses qualities like leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills such skill leads him to be Governor of California and movie star in the world. The movie I enjoy the most is terminator, Conan the barbarian, and 6th day.

Gun and Roses

Last, icon I choose is Band Gun and Roses. Gun and roses is the American popular hard rock bands. Due to their reputation and controversial have made them best Rock and roll bands ever. They have succeeded to sell their million of albums all around the world. They are the one who have influence many rock singer in different aspect, even Nepal.

To me Gun and roses are the first rock band that motivates me to sing like Axl rose and play lead guitar like Slash. Comparing to other bands, these band has unique music compose; these are the bands they will never upset audience. Hence, Gun and roses is my best rock band ever. Even though they are old, their songs still works charm on me. I have been listening their song since age 15. My favorite tracks are Sweet child O Mine, knocking on heavens Door, and November Rain.


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Popular Culture Blog dLama

In simple words Pop culture is cultural activities or commercial products reflecting suited to or aimed at the taste of great masses of people. As stated by Browne

“Popular culture is the system of attitudes, behaviors patterns, beliefs, customs and taste that define the people of any society.”

However, to me pop culture is the life style and taste of majority, easily adapted, accepted and is dynamic in nature. This is just the meaning of pop culture but as far as I have understood it’s the culture what everyone follows and are proud of it. It’s something that spreads beyond one’s boundaries and seems to bring many more towards it. It’s something that makes an individual to have their own definite personality. Lets take I phone, one who carries it, he’s one cool sophisticated dude and he won his personality by following very pop culture of I phone.

Business and future careers both depends upon how much I have understood my past and how well I achieve in my present. If I have to pursue my business career following a pop culture then I have to learn its past. Until and unless I understand its past how come I would know its present status and plan accordingly for the following years to come.

Everybody follows pop culture and the shopkeeper living right next door keeps saying that whatever the mass is loving and following that and there is business. Pop culture just keeps opening new doors to have a definite successful business and when my times comes to have a business of mime I am diving right into the sea of pop culture and I will find out pearl of opportunity(I.e. my business).

Since my childhood video games has been a passion more than a hobby or favorite time pass alternative. I have seen many video game consoles come and gone by. During my childhood age almost everyone are into it. At those years many were passionate about video games and I was one of them. Even now my friends, my colleagues are very fond of it. Yeah! Some are busy with their part-time job, some are busy eyeing out for answers in thick books and some are busy with their girlfriends but when it comes for video games they just forget their world and dive right into the very wonderful world of video games. One who is skilled and can beat any one is well-respected and I feel proud to be respected by my friends because there is no any way they can dodge my LEI’s flying round house kick (LEI, a character of the popular video game named TEKKEN). So that they keep losing and I keep winning. Even my little nephew keeps hitting goal after goal in our football match inside our television set and I am very happy about it because it is not only I who has accepted video games, there are many out there who are like me.


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