Going through different pages regarding theories about video game, many people comment video games to be harmful for the growing age besides some of the pages have supported video games as one relevant factor regarding contemporary audience

Some authors have claimed that video games have led to an epidemic of youth violence.

As stated by David Games are used to train soldiers to kill. They have the same impact on kids who play them. On the other hand same have praised video games as portal for gamers to socialize.(Jenkins).

However video games also  help in tangential learning. Many researcher has agreed that video game has increase intelligence question(I.Q) those who play video games rather the person who don’t prefer to play it. Even the global economics have praised video games industry,” in June 2011, the global video game market was valued $65 billion”(Davidson). It has even supported movies sector as well as soundtrack field. Overall these theories have per-defined the pros and cons of video game. Because of these theories even now the contemporary audience of video gaming pop culture is increasing insight.

From the beginning, I have been lover of video games and still I am praising it for its creation. if there wasn’t a video game how would I have known much about the vast world of video games, the entertainment we are showered with and the social networking areas of video games. Video games have been one of the integrated parts of me. E.g. there are many icons related to video games. Still I am encouraging anyone to step to the world of video games.


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