Living within one big society brings us to confront many theories; either to warn us about being who we are or what basically we enjoy doing? Since I am huge fan of video games and have been playing it for years, even I have confronted various people who had stereotypes beliefs regarding playing video games and being a gamer. These stereotypes stats that gamers tends to have one track mind, thinking only about video games and same video games tend to lead gamers to monotonous side which makes them socially inadequate people having no any social bond with outer world rather than gaming. It was my father who introduced me to the world of video games since I was 8 yrs. He beliefs that video game is an easy way of learning and its true for me,  I came to learned how  game developers make the animation, special effect,  environment, and  connects within video games.

These theories are commonly heard in every society. Parents rather want their kids to go out in the sun rather to see them sit in front of TV sets, holding Joystick (controller) of PS3 or Xbox 360. Sports and outing is necessary for kids. On the other hand there is a common stereotypes argument that video game has leads children dumb, fat and violence

As stated by Professor Premuzic “are computer games making children stupid”? He has mentioned that computer games are making today children lazy, dumb, violence, and turning them into criminal characters. Besides the author argued that they are also benefiting of gaming, such video gaming has made children easy to involve with advance technology. Their intelligence question  (I.Q) has been increasing significantly than those who don’t play video games.

However, playing video games has its own benefits. Video games have introduced me with many friends through online gaming as well as gamers living within my society. I haven’t seen myself being monotonous or deprived from society, instead I am meeting new people day by day and I am happy with it. I get to enjoy games interacts with many buddies hanging out with other gamers. Its fun and most of all its something I love doing.

The way I see it I think those stereotypic theories somehow applies to me. It’s like I love playing game on the same manner I love interacting with other gamers too. I get to meet new people in every game session. There are times when I face with rude ones as well as one having foul mouths, but it didn’t even matter to me because the second I don’t like them they got deleted right away securing my own dignity in gaming world. Hence same theories go with others players too.


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