Heroes and Celebrities in video game

Heroes and celebrities, they have been iconic resemblance to every person living within every society. When someone hears anything about hero, naturally brain starts explaining that a hero is someone who is well praised for his virtues and perilous feats. Celebrities are real life popular entities of society, famous to all and loved by many. “Heroes are created by and used to fill the needs of people and their societies” (Browne 2005). A hero is somehow a fictional character, whom every one looks up to, who is bestowed with perilous feats to overcome, save what everyone hold dear and receive great admiration for his virtuous acts. Celebrities are real persons. Popularity is their second name. They come from various forms like musicians, actors, writers, athletes who are loved for what they do and what they are good at. They are the dream of every normal people living. Everyone fantasize about being a celebrity. In the world of video games heroes and celebrities are the very foundation of beginning of one big story.

In naming various celebrities in world of video games, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno are two well known video game characters from Onimusha 3 Demon Siege released on Play Station 2 platforms by Cap com. In these game well acclaimed movie celebrities Takeshi Kaneshiro and Jean Reno are two protagonist one from past and another from present, both fighting hard to save humanity form evil clutches of Genma lord. Many popular video games have followed this same trend of presenting celebrities as heroes in video games and this is yielding better results. This is what brings fans from other factions to video game faction. Those who are not interested and not aware about video games might get attracted to video games to live the adventure lead by their favorite celebrities.

Looking at present scenario video games are one of the most integrated part of popular culture. The history of video games goes way back to early 40s and still it looks more influential to every youth. Stereotypes claiming video games are only for young are proven wrong because nowadays even adults are widely indulged in video games. Video games let you enjoy everyday fantasy that we have dreamed of. It lets us enjoy the glory of being a hero, even if it means controlling the main hero while playing. People just want to have their fantasy to be answered and video games make it all come true. Thus, the introduction of celebrities in video games has made many gamers happy because they get to relive the adventures in which their favorite celebrities are presented as heroes in video games.


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