A Similar formula in video games: “Tips and Tricks”

The only one work that hits our mind when we hear about formula is mathematics. To me formula are some set of guide lines or rules which, when followed correctly results in completion of any common task? Ray b. Browne has compared formula to be like a road map providing guide lines regarding where one wants to go and which road to use in making a journey (2005). Every little task done regularly has their definite formulas involved like when doing assignments, operating computer or laptops and even during exercise. Video games have their proven formulas involved.

Hence, video game has its own definite story line led by a sole protagonist or a group of heroes. Such as the main character n video games always had one similar formula either to save love one from villains or to save the world from demonic forces.  Similarly, these tips and tricks formulas had been involved in video games i.e. Mario games series from Nintendo. This is a classic series released worldwide under the title Donkey Kong (Arcade, 1981). Later it gained its popularity from the Super Mario Bros title (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1985) in the succeeding year. This popular” video game” series has taken its step into various cartoon series while having its native title developed.

A formula is the very foundation of completion of any work. It can be seen observed in every step of our day to day life. This remarkable formula is passed down to us from the generation divided from which we come from. Some formulas stayed the same and some got developed over the years. As mentioned earlier, formulas are involved in every action that we perform “every day”, and this is what makes the way of our life.


Browne, R. B. (2005). Profiles of popular culture. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press